JWOWW And Snooki Still Convinced Their Realtors 'F**k' [Video]

No, Jenni doesn't have an undiagnosed case of Tourette's Syndrome. When she bluntly asked her two realtors whether they "f**k" during tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" premiere, she was responding to a dare doled out by her firecracker sidekick, Nicole. "Me asking if they had sex was a bet," the less brazen of the BFFs tells Amy Paffrath in the below clip from our MTV.com exclusive after show. "We were bored," the itty-bitty mama-to-be chimes in, "because they were so quiet and reserved."

If you haven't learned by now, a meatball marinating in boredom is a dish best served raw...

As if they had any other option, the young urban professionals whose poker faces belied their dying insides took a cue from Clinton and denied having sexual relations, but Jenni and Nicole to this day aren't buying it. "They're both good looking, and they're both in the same business," Snooki explains. "I mean, hello?" And just when the awkwardness threatens to flatten the cranberry scones, our sweet, mild-mannered host joins in on the "f**k"-bombing. Goes to show, if you're not careful, anyone can become a guidette by proxy.

Check out the video clip to hear more from the girls on their Jersey City apartment search, or simply g'head and watch the entire "Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW" after show for their reactions to everything that went down during Episode 1.

Note to Snooki and JWOWW's brokers: If you're reading this, banging your heads (or each other) against the wall and yelling "I was a bet?! I was a f**king bet?!" remember: Laney Boggs still forgave Zack Siler at the end of "She's All That," so please find it in your hearts to forgive our silly girls.

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