Snooki And Her Ever-Expanding Brood Of Stuffed Animals [Photos]

Snooki showcases her furry sidekicks in Seaside Heights.

People say that when a woman becomes pregnant, she's likely to develop certain food cravings; some healthcare professionals even claim there's meaning behind the types of food they hunger for (a need for ice could be linked to iron deficiency, for instance). So what, then, are we to make of Snooki's growing appetite for stuffed animals?

Since the "Jersey Shore" cast arrived in Seaside Heights to shoot Season 6, the guidette has been spotted carrying a variety of toy companions along the boardwalk, from the life-sized fuzzy cheetah she also brought to Italy to a brand new inflatable penguin. And let's not forget Crocadilly, who's probably chillin' in the house jacuzzi right about now. Is she seeking comfort in the inanimate world because her (human) friends don't understand the pregnant woman's plight, or--gasp--does she have an undiagnosed case of plushophilia?

One thing's for sure: Her son's gonna have a crowded crib.

The mama-to-be gives her blow-up buddy a bear hug.

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Photos: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News