Former 'True Life' Subject Brushes Off 'Big Girl' Label And Makes It To The Olympics!

Holley Mangold, the female weightlifter who once proclaimed "My feet are too big for the fat girl store!" while trying to slip on a pair of plus-sized spikes, is getting the heartiest last laugh: She's made it to the 2012 Olympic Games! The "True Life: I'm The Big Girl" subject is off to London, which is especially gratifying since she wasn't originally aiming to qualify for the worldwide event until its 2016 installation in Brazil, according to Deadspin.

In one month, the 22-year-old former high school football linebacker whose "True Life" episode chronicled her path from weightlifting novice to legitimate competitor will embark on yet another mission to prove no feat is insurmountable. And considering her history, success is a definite possibility. Mangold once shattered the windows of a gym's first floor after dropping weights on the second, and has only upped the ante since then, claiming her second national American Open title in 2011. If she achieves her goal of lifting more than 615 pounds at the Olympics, she could be a real medal-contender, ESPN says.

Not too shabby, eh? Make sure to follow Mangold's amazing journey via her Twitter and root for Team USA when the Olympic Games kick off on July 27!

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