Snooki Attempts To Parallel Park Her Massive SUV [Sneak Peek]

We all saw the way Snooki reacted to potentially renting an apartment with a train running inside of it (to be fair, the railroad-style layout can be confusing), but that botched real estate walk-through wasn't enough to keep our maturing meatball from finding a place the hell outta suburbia for her and Jenni to call home.

In this sneak peek of Thursday's "Snooki & JWOWW" premiere (tune in at 10/9c!), the besties meet up with their broker to search for the address of their dreams, but parking Snooks' absurdly massive (and seemingly coated in Good & Plenty) SUV presents a significant problem. The teensy guidette, who's lived with her parents up until three minutes ago, has never parallel parked a car before. Like, EVAR! Good thing Mama Jenni's on hand to show her the ropes.

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