'Teen Wolf' Poll: Did You Fall For Gerard's Sweet Grandpa Façade?

Gerard's moods change just as swiftly as the Kanima paralyzes its prey. During Monday night's episode of "Teen Wolf," we swore Allison's grandfather was all for rekindling the romance between her and Scott (if only he knew they were still making out in hiding...), but, well, we're apparently pretty naive.

To defend ourselves, we initially thought the ol' man was onto Scott's supernatural secret when he seemingly witnessed the miraculous healing of the kid's broken leg during the lacrosse game. ("Run, Scott, RUN!" we yelled at the TV screen... What, didn't you?), but it turned out the kitchen connoisseur was just inviting Scott over for a friendly family dinner. And that's where we got suckered.

Yeah, yeah--we should have known better, seeing as Gerard made it pretty obvious in the season opener that he's chosen to go against hunters' code and adopt a "kill all the werewolves" philosophy. Plus, what kind of sane man carries around a leather-bound cookbook and locks it in his safe? Nonetheless, we were duped. The entire nice guy act was a façade, which we found out at the end of the episode when Crazypants Gramps stuck a knife in Scott's gut, along with a dirty threat and a request for some mysterious favor.

+ Did you figure out that Gerard had an ulterior motive, or were you misled by his sweet grandpa act? Take our poll!

Did you fall for Gerard's sweet grandpa facade?

  • Yes! He totally had me fooled!
  • No way, I knew he was up to no good.

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