Our 6 Favorite Sex Tips From 'Savage U'

Along his countrywide tour on "Savage U," Dan Savage solved many a college student's love woes and doled out indispensable sex tips. The relationship guru listened to various concerns from undergrads throughout the season and supplied them with crucial advice to be used in and out of the bedroom. Here, six of our favorite bits of Savvy Sav's wisdom.

1. Sex-With-Handcuffs Etiquette

On the picturesque campus of University of Central Florida, Dan read a question aloud from a student that wasn't sure how to appropriately introduce kinky accessories into his sex life. "You don't slap handcuffs on people," Dan advised the curious audience member. You gotta bring up the topic of toys way before the hookup even starts...and then you have all night to figure out when to whip them out.

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2. Don't Stick Your D**k

While at Auburn University, the teach met a lacrosse player that needed help getting a girlfriend. The guy had no problem finding a chick to sleep with, but he wanted something more substantial. Our love pro's wise words? "Don't stick your d**k in any girl you wouldn't date." Welp, you can't argue that one.

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3. Crank Up The Volume During Sex

A question about whether it's acceptable to make animal noises during intercourse came up during one of Dan's Q&A sessions. His response? "Female vocalization if you're a woman is hugely important and has this huge evolutionary role." Interestingly enough, the noises actually trip wires in the male brain that speed him along, so girls, if you want to get the s**t over with fast, get loud!

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4. Don't Compare Your Genitals To Those Of Porn Stars

When Dan and Lauren met a gal who was worried how her nether parts hold up to those of X-rated actresses, they slapped her with some truth: "You can't compare yourself to them, that's not real life." (BOOM!) So be nice to your vagina, you only have one.

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5. Ask And You Shall Receive ... A Threesome

At Rhodes College, a young sophomore approached the whiz for some help adding another nekked bod into the mix. She wanted to have a threesome, but was worried she'd make her boyfriend feel inadequate. "Have these hypothetical conversations where you're very sex positive," he suggested. "You may find that if you throw it out there, the subject will come up again."

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6. Don't Tell 'Em Where You Live

Of course, not everyone cared about the language of love--some people were only interested in casual hookups. But when mega-horny Kiera said she opened her door to anyone that responded to her Craigslist ad, Dan had to put his foot down. "You're doing it wrong, I think you should date online, but you gotta stop passing your address out," he instructed. The first meeting MUST be in a public space!

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