Vinny Mistakes A 'Situation' Quote For The Words Of Mitt Romney [Video]

"The Situation" might think he's on everyone's minds 24/7, but his "Jersey Shore" housemate, Vinny, can't quite place the guy's name when dealt a Seaside-centric trivia question on the next all-new episode of MTV2's "Hip Hop Squares." Who said, "Everybody loves me: babies, dogs--you know, hot girls, cougars. I have this unbelievable mass appeal"? host Peter Rosenberg wants to know in the below sneak peek. Vin plays it cool, and after some careful consideration, can only offer the following answer: "I thought that was Mitt Romney." Now that would be quite a Mittuation.

Check out a clip from the show, and be sure to catch it on MTV2 Tuesday night at 11/10c!

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