'Savage' Advice In Action: Break Your Own Rules

MTV’s newest resident sex and relationship guru Dan Savage is trekking across the country to enlighten America's coeds and help them better understand the sexual culture that exists today. But what happens once Dan offers his pearls of wisdom to the eager undergrad? We usually don't get to see the students put his advice into practice, but luckily our own MTV family members can show us all how it's done. This week's advice in action: Break your own rules.

After spending weeks touring college campuses on the left coast and down south, our "Savage" dUo made their way back east last week and found themselves in a whole other league: the Ivy League. Dan and Lauren arrived at Cornell University wondering whether student life was all work and no play, and quickly learned that was far from the case. Many undergrads said they were too busy for the traditional dating scene, but not too busy to engage in the popular campus tradition of hooking up in the library stacks (the bars close at 1 and the library closes at 2...you do the math). During his visit, our sex guru met with Nate, a senior with a long list of criteria for his dream bf.

As an out gay man, Nate was comfortable with his sexuality and definitely knew what he wanted in a boyfriend. While trying to organize his love life, he wrote a list of 82 "rules" for himself to follow, including everything from "Only date him if he's got a real major" to "Don't date him if his penis is too big." After taking a look at a hard copy of the list--which Nate kept in his backpack!--Dan advised the guy to view the rules more as guidelines written in erasable pen. Watch the clip:

A lot of people say they have a "type" when it comes to potential mates. We're no experts, but Nate's extensive laundry list of rules seems to exclude most of the human population. If he lets deal-breakers govern his sex life, he could miss out on Mr. Right. We'd encourage him to harken back to these MTV storylines for inspiration:

Jemmye from "Real World: New Orleans"

Jemmye was a wild child who prided herself on Mississippi values and an uninterrupted streak of dating black men. She had committed herself to a specific type of guy, and had no intention of changing her ways...until she met her roommate, Knight. On paper, Knight was wrong for Jemmye: he was a Midwestern hockey-loving white dude. But after a nice flirtation period (and a very public bet), Jemmye felt enough of a connection to let him steal her white-boy virginity. Our girl went outside of her comfort zone because, as she put it, it felt right.

Deena from "Jersey Shore"

When the series relocated to Florence in Season 4, many wondered how the culture shock would affect the housemates. Would Italian clubs welcome the fist pump? Would the crew still GTL? One of the biggest differences between Seaside and Firenze were the men. Instead of gorilla juiceheads, the Italians were skinnier, paler and, overall, not guido enough (go figure). Deena decided to embrace the mantra "When in Rome" (or in this case, Florence) and booty-called Elis, a cute waiter that looked nothing like her usual hookups. Even though their fling was short-lived--blame a hickey from his sister--we give Deena props for broadening her horizons.

Jenn from "The Challenge: Rivals"

Jenn has always been feisty, unapologetic and least likely to give off a warm, tender vibe, but during "Rivals," we got to see a different side of her: the soft side. Who do we have to thank for turning this tough chick into a giggling schoolgirl? That would be sweet, sensitive, goofy Adam. The former "Real World: Sydney" housemate had a smile that melted her heart, and his departure from the game even caused her to shed some tears. Adam was a far cry from the type of guy (or girl) Jenn usually goes for, and it was a real treat to see her let down her guard and try something new.

Jenna from "Awkward"

Jenna started out as a quiet introvert. A girl who preferred online blogging to rah-rah-rahing at school football games, her quick wit and sarcasm masked a quiet confidence that lingered just below the surface. When she lost her V-Card to hot jock Matty at summer camp, the secret tryst materialized into something much more. The Jenna-Matty story was one of star-crossed lovers, two kids from different sides of the cafeteria. Ultimately, the pair that seemed so mismatched shared a connection that transcended their social statuses!

Even if you think you know what you want in a sig other, try being open and willing to embrace someone different when they come along. We all have rules, but sometimes they're meant to be broken, especially if it's in the name of love.

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