In Time For Father's Day, Our Favorite Teen Daddy Moments

Despite all of the hardships that Maci, Farrah, Catelynn and Amber have faced throughout each season of "Teen Mom," they--and their babies' dads--continue to learn from their mistakes and evolve into better parents. So, with Father's Day right around the corner, we decided to take a look at a few sweet moments that Ryan, Tyler and Gary have spent with their adorable children. Check 'em out:


Ryan stumbled into a rough patch with Maci during Season 3, but that didn't stop him from enjoying bonding time with his child. While he sometimes lacks maturity, the young guy certainly had the dad thing down when he slipped a helmet on Bentley and took him to the dirt track. Here, father and son take a break from riding to sit and enjoy the fresh, rural air.


Tyler and Catelynn's first-year reunion with their daughter, Carly, was a moment in the making, and the young couple got another chance to see her on the Season 4 premiere, this time celebrating her 2nd birthday in New York City. Ty was overcome with emotion when they left Carly but managed to console Catelynn when she broke down as well. Wise beyond his years, he said, "We're allowed to be sad."


Even though Gary was experiencing relationship trouble with Amber throughout Season 3, he took the high road and invited her over to his house so that she could decorate the Christmas tree with her daughter. It was a happy experience for everyone, and he actually told Amber he was glad she joined them.

+ What are some of your favorite daddy moments from "Teen Mom?" Let us know what we missed!

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