'Project' Poll: What Was Pauly's Biggest Career-Boosting Moment?

When Pauly D was first invited to audition for a possible Palms Hotel residency, he rallied longtime homies Biggie, Jerry and Ryan, and followed the dream out west. The Rhode Island hopeful had no idea if he'd actually get the job, but shortly after hearing the exciting news, he and his bro-tastic family of four packed up their things and moved into Las Vegas' towering Sky Villas. Landing the career-boosting gig was major, but as we all saw, it was merely the beginning of his good fortune on "The Pauly D Project."

From there, Pauly powered the beats in a slew of different venues, and developed relationships with some important game-changers in the biz. There's no question the guy's résumé got an extreme makeover, but which of his impressive opportunities was the biggest? Take a look at some of his stand-out "Project" moments, then take the poll!

Entertaining The Armed Forces

The blowout king lent his music-spinning skills to American troops, who were almost as pumped to hear him rock the house as they were to do the worm with Jerry. Pauly enjoyed himself and was honored to have a chance to personally thank the hard-working men and women that protect our country.

Using DJ AM's Equipment

Pauly booked a set at Rain, a club where his late hero Adam Goldstein (aka DJ AM) put in some serious work. Standing on the same stage that his idol once dominated was huge, especially because he got to use AM's very own deck and records!

Signing With 50 Cent

When Providence's proudest mix-master got the call to meet with the ineffable rapper, another major dream of his was about to come true. And as soon as PD laid his John Hancock on the dotted line, his hopes of becoming part of the G-Unit crew instantly became tangible.

Opening For Britney Spears

Not only did he get to warm up the crowd for Brit Brit's final Femme Fatale show in Puerto Rico, but she called him up on stage to give his lap the night of its life. Try outdoing that.

+ Now it's your time to tell us which one of PD's gigs was your favorite. Vote for his biggest career moment in the poll!

What was Pauly's biggest career-boosting moment?

  • Scoring the Palms residency.
  • Entertaining the troops.
  • Using DJ AM's equipment.
  • Signing with 50 Cent.
  • Opening For Britney.

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