Our 6 Favorite Bro-tastic Moments From 'The Pauly D Project'

Whether they were holding things down in Vegas or trying to fit blowouts and faux-hawks beneath the armed services' crash helmets, the boys of "The Pauly D Project" certainly made an impression on club-goers and fist-pumpers across the world. Pauly, Ryan, JROC, Biggie and Big Jerry shared a tiff or two between them--relationship drama, concerns over drinking and inner-group exclusion were unfortunate obstacles--but ultimately, the tight-knit crew had each other's backs, and when the sun set on the Sin City strip, they only had love for each other. Here, take a look at some of the most bro-tastic moments from the season.

1. The boys arrive in Las Vegas: Need we say more? After Pauly D secured a spot as resident DJ at The Palms, five young guys toasted a new journey they'd always be able to say they took together. From excited conversations in one of the suite's many nooks to outright debauchery in the hot tub, their first wild night would prove to be just one of many.

2. Beauty is pain: The boys shared a day of grooming in preparation for their first all-team magazine photo shoot, and while it meant manicures and facials for some, Jerry and Biggie screamed when their nose hairs were torn out with hot wax. Pauly, a pro at primping, barely flinched when he got the same treatment, though. "P***ies," he observed of his friends. Cantcha just feel the love?

3. Stars and stripes: The Las Vegas hotel room was host to a friend-against-friend battle or two, but the guys really got a sense of what was important when real war zones were considered. Pauly got the opportunity to perform for soldiers preparing to deploy to Afghanistan, and the crew grew closer through obstacle course training and even a dance party for all the servicemen and women.

4. Date night: While Biggie and Jerry were busy with a long-term girlfriend and a new date, respectively, Pauly and Ryan decided to cement their friendship with a date of their own. The duo were at odds over Ryan's position with the team later on in the season, but it was nice to see them enjoy a nice meal (and some sizable cocktails) before it all went down. Think they'll exchange digits?

5. No-fly zone: Pauly and Ryan celebrated a return to Vegas with a trip down a zip-line, but Biggie and Big Jerry--a little bit heftier than their "Project" counterparts--did not make the weight limit. The two spent most of the season bonding over the plight of the fat guy, or "FG," but Jerry was especially thankful for this particular moment, as heights just weren't the guy's thing. He was definitely up for a segway ride, though.

6. Put on those party hats: After Pauly D opened up for megastar Britney Spears in what he called his "dream set," the boys continued to ride the wave in Puerto Rico by ringing in Big Jerry's birthday and getting a little bit white-girl wasted. "Sorry for wormin,' bro," the guy said while going nuts on the dance floor, only to get caked in the face by his comrades moments later. Bet that wasn't his wish...

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Lead photo: Ian Spanier