Stay Tuned! There's More 'ABDC' Finale Coverage To Come, Lil Mama Says [Video]

The last flag has fallen and the champions of "America's Best Dance Crew: Return Of The Superstars" have been crowned...but it ain't over, says Lil' Mama! Elektrolytes have taken over the show's throne, but there's still a ton more to see and hear from the winning and losing crews. (Would ABDC Insider ever let you down?)

In the short video clip below, the competition's co-judge tells viewers straight from the set to stay tuned to for more finale coverage. After the tight race between Elektroyltes and 8 Flavahz, it'll certainly be interesting to get the dancers' final thoughts, so keep your eyes focused on Remote Control, and in the meantime, tell us what you think about last night's reveal!

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