Dan Savage Ponders The Rules Of Becoming 'Facebook Official' [Sneak Peek]

The initial stages of dating bring about all sorts of anxieties, such as when to share a first kiss (or, for those who move at a faster pace, when to go all the way), when it's appropriate to meet the parents (how about never?) and, of course, when it's time to sit down and have that "Are we exclusive?" talk. Many of the students that Dan Savage meets on his cross-country tour look to him specifically for guidance on these matters, and Tuesday night, the "Savage U" all-star will serve up a special lesson on love in the era of social media.

Texas Tech student Alicia is really happy with the guy she's seeing but wants to broach the subject of becoming "Facebook official" in the sneak peek below. Changing one's online status has become the preferred method for young people to announce that their relationship is now legit, yet savvy Sav reminds Alicia that just because two people are ready to take the next step with each other, that doesn't mean they're ready to suddenly meet the entire extended family--either in life or on the webs. Checking the "I'm taken!" box can wait.

Damn that Mark Zuckerberg.

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