Pauly And Vinny Rap About Vegas Girls And 'Shore' Pranks Over A Sorry Game Of Pool [Video]

That's either one unlucky 8-ball, or Pauly and Vinny simply suck at pool. Regardless, watching the inseparable pair bro out with their sticks out is alllllmost better than some good ol' fashioned T-shirt time. In the two-part video below, the boys engage in quite the gossipy gab fest while knocking around a few balls. Every pocket they fail to fill produces more cracks about Pauly's "Project" adventures and the upcoming season of "Jersey Shore," including Vin's master plan to prank his former eff-buddy and now mom-to-be, Snooki.

The game was taped just one week before the two left for another summer in Seaside Heights, so all sorts of speculation was in the air as they scratched away on the table, such as whether MVP could come full circle now that Mike's clean and sober, and whether smushing grenades is still an appropriate option now that Pauly's a renowned DJ and Vinny's a best-selling author. Survey says: Over it.

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