Maci Goes On Vacation With Ryan And His Girlfriend [Sneak Peek]

No matter how many times we've seen Maci and Ryan try to sustain a healthy co-parenting plan, the two continue to bicker over their respective responsibilities. During Episode 2 of "Teen Mom," Maci needed Ryan to pick up Bentley a few hours earlier than normal in order to accommodate her travel schedule, but when he said he couldn't do it on such short notice, she took her anger out on Kyle. She and Kyle eventually made up, thankfully, because very soon she's going to need all the support she can get...

Maci agrees to go on a modern day family vacation with Ryan and his new girlfriend in this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode. Surely jetting off to Florida with the couple--and Bentley--will be all sorts of awkward, but at least some of Maci's friends are tagging along to help her out. Either way, it sounds like the least relaxing getaway possible.

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