Pregnant Snooki: ‘It Wasn’t Difficult At All To Stop Drinking’ [Video]

You’d imagine someone who uses their Shore Store lunch break to knock back shots of Patron would have a helluva time quitting drinking after finding out she’s pregnant, but as Snooki has said many a time before, peeps got her all pegged wrong. The “Jersey Shore” standout–and now co-star of MTV’s new half-hour reality series, “Snooki & JWOWW” (premieres June 21 at 10/9c)–never once considered herself an alcoholic despite a handful of instances involving public intoxication (including one arrest). As she tells us in the interview clip below, “It wasn’t difficult at all to stop drinking because I found out I was pregnant right after New Year’s, and I had went crazy, partying and stuff.” One final night of debauchery was apparently all the meatball needed to put her on the straight and narrow–impressive!

Jenni, on the other hand, used her last hurrah with her BFF to get buck wild. “I did what I wanted to do going into the [Jersey City] house,” she says. “My goal was to kinda cut loose in the house, and [Nicole] was trying to mature, so we switched roles in a sense.” Sounds like old JWOWW’s back in business… Duck for cover!

+ Check out the video and tell us what you think of this odd couple trading places!

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