Is The Mysterious Lizard Thing Targeting Stiles Next? [Sneak Peek]

Battle lines have officially been drawn between the werewolves and hunters that occupy the once quiet town of Beacon Hills, but it's still not clear what other types of blood-thirsty creatures are lurking in the woods...and out for teen spirit!

Stiles gets the sense that the new lizard-like thing knows him personally in this chilling sneak peek of next week's all-new "Teen Wolf." While the menacing reptile mutation is undoubtedly venomous and powerful (it tore Isaac's father into pieces!), it's also mysteriously intimidated by Scott (when he broke through a wall in a previous episode, the monster slithered on the ceiling and ran out the door). Hopefully the best buds can exploit that weakness and capture the killing machine before it slashes through anyone else's skin.

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