Heidi Montag Finally Reunites With Her Mom...In A Couples Massage Room [Photos]

Heidi and Darlene prove there's nothing some aromatherapy can't fix.

Time heals all wounds, folks. And, apparently, so does a little Swedish massage.

It may be roughly two years since "Hills" fans have thought about Heidi Montag's nasty riff with her mom, Darlene Egelhoff, but we're pleased to announce that the DNA-bound gals have finally reconciled.

If you recall, when post-op Heids returned home to Crested Butte, Colorado, to unveil her new appearance on "The Hills," she hoped her family would be impressed, but as we all saw, that was not the case. Darlene claimed the "old Heidi" was more confident and beautiful, and as the evening went on, the Montag family made cracks at the re-engineered blonde's fragile jawline.

This last supper of sorts marked the end of happy times for the Montag clan, as it sent Heidi into a whirlwind of anger, ultimately cutting off all ties with her momsers. Darlene, who was hurt by her daughter's cold shoulder, later started her own blog in hopes that it would help the two reconnect one day. And, huzzah, that day has come!

On June 2nd, the duo was spotted strolling through the tranquil hallways of a luxury resort's spa, where they enjoyed soothing massages and perhaps even each other's company. We're not sure what prompted them to get together, but it definitely looks as if they're headed down the right path. Cheers to putting the past behind you, ladies!

Team Montag head to the beach to close out their day of much-needed bonding.

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Photos: Splash News