Katy Perry Helps Pump Up Elektrolytes For ‘ABDC’ Finale [Sneak Peek]

Katy Perry might be a pop superstar today, but there was a time when the California Girl couldn’t pay a record exec to listen to her tunes. And now that she’s proven the underdog can come out on top, she’s happy to advise Elektrolytes–some of whom have gotten the “ABDC” door slammed in their faces multiple times–as they ready themselves for tonight’s LIVE show finale. Question is: Can they come out on top, too?

The remaining all-male crew gets tips from KP in this sneak peek of the champion-deciding season ender. “I like to be the underdog that people–they don’t expect it,” she says to the crew, who just emerged from the bottom two. “And then I like to prove.” And prove it, she has. Remember that time you turned on the radio and didn’t hear a Katy Perry song? Yeah, we can’t either.

+ Check out Katy’s words of encouragement below, make sure to tune in to the “ABDC” finale tonight at 10/9c and tell us if you’re rooting for Elektroylytes or 8 Flavahz!

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