Katy Perry Helps Pump Up Elektrolytes For 'ABDC' Finale [Sneak Peek]

Katy Perry might be a pop superstar today, but there was a time when the California Girl couldn't pay a record exec to listen to her tunes. And now that she's proven the underdog can come out on top, she's happy to advise Elektrolytes--some of whom have gotten the "ABDC" door slammed in their faces multiple times--as they ready themselves for tonight's LIVE show finale. Question is: Can they come out on top, too?

The remaining all-male crew gets tips from KP in this sneak peek of the champion-deciding season ender. "I like to be the underdog that people--they don't expect it," she says to the crew, who just emerged from the bottom two. "And then I like to prove." And prove it, she has. Remember that time you turned on the radio and didn't hear a Katy Perry song? Yeah, we can't either.

+ Check out Katy's words of encouragement below, make sure to tune in to the "ABDC" finale tonight at 10/9c and tell us if you're rooting for Elektroylytes or 8 Flavahz!

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