The 5 Ballsiest Moments From 'The Pauly D Project'

Forgive us for being crude, but when you've got a tight-knit crew of steel-balled Italians running around Las Vegas bagging chicks and pumping fists, some (or all) of them are bound to get a little, well, ballsy. Put Pauly D, Biggie, Jerry and Ryan from "The Pauly D Project" in practically any situation together and the strength in numbers rule is the only one worth following. Inspired by Jerry's birthday-suit ride through a hotel, we've narrowed down five of the fiercest moments from the season:

1. Big Jerry gets buck wild. (Episode 11) While in Puerto Rico for the Britney Spears concert, Biggie thought up a genius bet for Jerry: If he stripped down to absolutely nothing and rode a random wheelchair through the hotel lobby, the boys would give him a break from their ribbings for an entire year. (We echoed Pauly's sentiment... a whole year?!?) Not one to back down from a dare, Jerry swapped his v-neck for nipple tassels and broke out his balls (and everything else) for a granny-style streak sesh--if the granny was covered in lube. Sadly, the guys never followed through with their promise to go easier on Jer (remember Australian Arm Wrestling)?

2. Biggie asks Mary Jane's parents for her hand in marriage. (Episode 9) We were scared for the big guy when he went all alone to ask MJ's extremely Italian parents for their permission to wed their daughter. Mama MJ's death stare was enough to make any man back down in fear, but Biggie stood firm, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when he was forced to take some chicken cutlets home in celebration.

3. Pauly fills some legendary shoes. (Episode 8) When Pauly was asked to spin at Rain, the nightclub where Adam Goldstein (aka DJ AM) spent his residency just before his untimely passing, PD was a bundle of nerves. Asked to use his mentor's own personal records, Pauly was worried about packing the club and pulling it off AM-style. Naturally, the night went off without a hitch with Pauly killing the 1s and 2s.

4. The boys hit up a bona fide boot camp. (Episode 5) PD was super honored when asked to spin at an army base, but the crew feared they bit off more than they could chew when the gig came with a side of guns, grenades and hardcore training exercises. While Pauly and Ryan scaled walls and hit up the rope swings with ease, it was a different story for Biggie and Jerry. The guys bravely completed the obstacle course nonetheless, leaving with a new-found appreciation for the red, white, blue and camouflaged.

5. Ryan tries to fight not one, not two... but three guys in Vegas. (Episode 2) While the boys were on the lookout for DTF dames, a liquored-up Ryan was on the hunt for trouble. Ten shots deep, Ry nearly ruined the "Project" crew's first night in Vegas when he began to talk smack to three dudes outside a club. Luckily, before things got physical, Biggie and Jerry stepped in to cool the heat. Whew.

+ Did we miss any ballsy "Project" moments? Put us in our place and share!

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