Snooki And JWOWW Have A Plan To Breed 'SnookWOWW' Babies [Video]

We're only a week and change away from the premiere of "Snooki & JWOWW," MTV's new "Jersey Shore" spinoff that chronicles the ups and downs of two colorful broads destined to become another universe.

The iconic guidettes explain in the exclusive interview clip below that their shared personality traits (not to mention their height difference) defy the laws of true friendship. Only children? Check. Spoiled? Check 1-2. Stubborn? Check mate. "It's a miracle we get along," says Jenni. Yet perhaps even more miraculous would be if their pact to breed offspring that mate and spawn "SnookWOWW babies" one day succeeds. "She has to have a girl sometime and I have to have a boy," Jenni clarifies (sort of). "And they either have to get married or have kids together." Let's all just pause for a few to ponder the outcome...

Now please excuse us while we ring the series development team.

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