'Savage U' Q: Have You Ever Delayed A Breakup To Spare Someone's Feelings?

Ivy League students might be book smart, but getting As in French class doesn't necessarily translate to nailing the language of love. People of all IQ scores can benefit from sexpert Dan Savage's wisdom!

On tonight's "Savage U," one Cornell freshman struggled to get a grasp on the changing nature of his relationship. Justin, an ostensibly nice guy, told Dan he'd been dating the same girl--his high school sweetheart--for years. The two determined an open relationship was the best method to sustain their connection while they attended different colleges, but Justin said he wasn't a hook-up type of guy, and that he wanted to be somebody's boyfriend, period. Dan read between the lines and immediately knew this was the kid's way of saying he wanted out without actually saying he wanted out. "Nice guys break up," the wise man advised. "Nice guys end relationships when they want out of them." Justin agreed, but had trepidation about losing his high school sweetheart for good. "There's nothing about ending a relationship that means you can't still really have a relationship," Dan assured him.

+ On those bases, we're wondering--have you ever hesitated to end a relationship out of fear of hurting your partner, or because you weren't quite ready to let go? And do you agree with Dan's insistence that two people can really remain close after a breakup? Tell us your story!

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