'Teen Mom' Poll: Was Maci Being Too Hard On Kyle?

Kyle's really carved out an important role for himself in Maci's life--her son completely trusts him, which was evident when he brought Bentley to daycare on the Season 4 premiere of "Teen Mom." But during Episode 2, when the young mother wasn't successful in getting Ryan to help out (she needed him to pick up Bentley a few hours earlier than normal to accommodate her travel plans, but he wasn't available), she unfortunately took her frustration out on Kyle.

Just a few hours before it was time to leave town, Maci still hadn't heard from Ryan. Her irritation with his seemingly inflexible and unreliable nature was understandable, but when Kyle suggested she phone him to get an ETA, a passive-aggressive tiff broke out. The normally calm couple called each other childish names and Maci told Kyle to leave the house. "I left one relationship because somebody talked to me like that and I'm not gonna get into another one," she said as he packed up a suitcase and walked out the door.

+ Maci and Kyle eventually made up, but was she being too hard on him? Take the poll and let us know what you think!

Was Maci being too hard on Kyle?

  • Yes, he was only trying to help.
  • No, Maci had a right to blow up.

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