How To Become A Badass Beta In Derek's Wolf Pack

You can't just be any old Joe, Jane or Jackson if you want to join the Alpha's wolf pack. Judging from Monday night's chilling episode, Derek appears to be searching for very specific types of people to become members of his sharp-toothed tribe, and there seems to be nothing Scott can do to save the day. (Sad face.)

Derek is swiftly building his pack with BHHS social misfits like the abused Isaac, epileptic Erica and loner outcast Boyd. Like any smooth wolf, he lures them into his den with the promise of a new and improved life. "What if I told you that all of those things not only went away, but everything else got even better?" he whispered to a hospital gown-clad Erica. A pretty to-die-for offer, huh?

So, just what does it take to become a bad-ass Beta alongside Derek? Read on...

Show your vulnerable side. The Alpha tends to sniff out the underdogs (pun intended) when searching for potential members of his pack. Graveyard worker Isaac suffered abuse from his brutal father, and Erica has dealt with a lifetime of ridicule due to her seizure-inducing epilepsy.

Steer clear of the "in" crowd. Boyd doesn't want to eat lunch alone every day. Erica doesn't want to pee her pants in public after having a seizure. Isaac doesn't want to hurt at the hands of his pop (who happens to be dead now). Derek seeks out social pariahs for his pack, because the promise of permanent friends can sure be enticing when you have none.

Get a little pissed off. Anger and bitterness are driving forces behind Beta status. Hating the Man because you were dealt a sh*tty hand in life, be it from illness or abuse, will make many folks want to be anyone but themselves. Even if that means developing pointy ears when a full moon strikes.

Be willing to take the bite. That Derek--so polite. He lures his victims potential pack members with pretty promises and a new-found confidence. By the time he's given his speech, these wannabe Betas have turned all Jackson on the Alpha, practically salivating at the thought of going werewolf. And speaking of...

Don't go by the name of "Jackson." Despite being bitten, a full moon just doesn't have any effect whatsoever on the lacrosse stud. Though after Monday night's random feat of superhuman strength, we're not quite sure what's up with this kid.

+ If given the chance, would you join Derek's fierce wolf pack? Sound off in the comments!

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