'Savage U' Bonus Scene: Girls, Stop Lusting After Your Gay Best Friend

The gay male best friend is a cornerstone for many a straight, single college female. And while she can rely on him for support and encouragement, she must never pursue him sexually, Dan Savage says. Anyone who needs proof beyond that instruction can consider this tidbit from the "Savage U" expert: "If you f***ed us, you'd hate us just as much as you hate straight men." Good enough?

A Cornell student who finds herself pining after her gay friends needs help breaking the cycle in a bonus scene from tonight's Ivy League episode. "Why do straight ladies find gay men attractive?" she asks, seemingly embarrassed by a recent public makeout with a friend. Dan's answer? There's no risk involved, and there's nothing at stake: "You get the male package without any sense of threat or consequence," he says. So wear that rainbow tie with pride, friend, just be sure it doesn't double as a lasso to rope in your next mismatched conquest.

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you can relate to the plight of the Wish-He-Was-Straight girl.

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