'Teen Mom' Poll: Do You Support Farrah's Decision To Bring Sophia To Florida?

At the end of last season's "Teen Mom," Farrah decided to leave Sophia behind with her parents when she moved to Florida for school. The choice was difficult--she didn't want to be separated from her pride and joy--but after working through the pros and cons with her therapist and family, she eventually realized that being happy with herself was the only way to ensure she would be a good mom to Sophia, and that relocating on her own would help get her to that point.

During tonight's premiere of Season 4, however, Farrah began to have serious doubts about her decision. Just two weeks before the young mother was set to pack up her belongings and head down south, she told her parents that Sophia wouldn't be staying with them after all. It was tough relaying the news--Debra and Michael were so excited to care for Sophia that they redecorated their daughter's old bedroom--but after realizing just how much she'd miss her baby, Farrah had to go with her gut.

+ Did Farrah make the right move, or should she have stuck to the original plan of leaving Sophia with her parents? Take the poll, then sound off in the comments!

Did Farrah make the right choice to bring Sophia to Florida?

  • Yes, she's her mother and they should be together.

  • I don't think so.

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