Spotted Back In Seaside: Vanessa The Stalker! [Photo]

Vanessa is back on location, doing what she does best.

Like the turning of leaves or filing for taxes, certain events in life are just inevitable. The seasonal return of Vanessa The Stalker evidently is one of them.

We can't help but marvel at Pauly D's biggest fan's unwavering endurance. It's not so much that she's back on the "Jersey Shore" scene (who doesn't love the beach?); it's that, remarkably, she hasn't yet found another guido to trail, or--excuse our bluntness here--something better to do with her time besides gawk at her object of affection obsession.

Anywho, girl's tearing up the boardwalk, and doing it with an upgraded sense of style.

Rocking a modern Skrillex-inspired 'do, complete with Pauly's signature star neatly shaved right above her ear, the chick known best for creeping PD's roommates out with her silent gazes and bag full of questionable goodies returned to her ol' stomping ground with a whole new vibe. Instead of cowering to the haters (a reasonable response to being called a stalker), she owned up to her image, sporting a DIY'd denim jacket with a photo of her and Pauly from last season. And she even created her own hashtag, should anyone want to show her their support. Go #Team Vanessa!

Pauly's relentless stalker gets serious use out of a needle and thread.

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Photos: Mejia-Asadorian/Splash News