Catelynn And Tyler Warn Of Waterworks In Final 'Teen Mom' Season

Throughout the past few years, "Teen Mom" fans have passionately rooted for Catelynn and Tyler, vocally encouraging the couple to power through their adoption guilt and family woes, and finally leave some of the pain behind. But the inseparable pair recently weighed in on what's to come from Season 4--which premieres tonight at 10/9c--and said their most intense moments are yet to come.

"[We] see Carly again, and have a very hard breakdown afterward," Catelynn told the New York Metro, adding that it was much needed as neither she nor her longtime boyfriend have cried in a "long time." Where the relationship with their biological daughter goes after that is up to her, they commented, because the little girl now understands who they are. "At a certain age, we're gonna let her make the decision: [Do] you wanna continue the visits that you've had with us?" Tyler said. "It would be really hard for me and Catelynn if Carly decided [she was] better off not seeing us, but I think at the end of the day, it should be her decision." And should Catelynn and Tyler wind up married one day (they are indeed still engaged), they very much hope their daughter will be present for the celebration.

+ Make sure to check out the entire interview for more from Cate and Tyler on Season 4, as well as talk of their career plans and shared struggle to remain the "perfect" couple.

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