Scott And Derek On Different 'Teen Wolf' Paths, Cast Says [Video]

For two people sharing the unique experience of...uh...BEING WEREWOLVES, Scott and Derek are certainly on two very different wavelengths. While the former is driven by his heart, the latter seems to let anger act as his guiding light, and based on tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, it seems like they might never see eye-to-eye.

"Scott...doesn't like the stuff that Derek stands for," Tyler Posey says in the collection of cast interviews below. "Usually he's evil and wants to hurt somebody, and Scott's not about that. He wants to protect people." One person who won't allow herself to be on the receiving end of any help, though, is Lydia, who Holland Roden says is still insistent on keeping her hallucinations to herself--especially those that involve Peter Hale. "[Lydia] is the perfectionist, and she doesn't want anyone to know there's one hair out of place," Roden says. Guess the bathtub full of the stuff will remain under wraps, then...

+ Check out the video, which also includes Crystal Reed analyzing Allison's hesitation to commit to the Argent's army, and tell us what you think about the new Episode 3 developments!

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