The 'Jersey' Boys Wish You Were Here

At this point, it should be of no surprise to "Jersey Shore" fans that we've been stalking the guidos and guidettes ever since they moved into their summer beachhouse to film Season 6, scouring the paparazzi websites 24/7 for even the slightest clue of what's going on in Seaside.

And it's a good thing we were so committed to doing our duty this weekend, for if not, we may have missed seeing Deena get sent to the slammer or JWOWW hobbling around in an ace bandage. Images, that to any viewer, cement their deep-rooted devotion to the show and create even more anticipation for Season 6. But, we also know that 5-0 run-ins and ankle injuries won't be the theme for everyone this time around (Snooki's still with child--she even traded in her stilettos for mom-approved footwear), and that's why we wanted to share this particular snapshot, in which three-fourths of the series' male ensemble seek out a quiet moment at the beach. Anytime Vinny, Pauly D and Mike calmly take in the waves like little yogis, well, that, friends, is postcard-worthy.

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Photo: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News; Design:Robyn Richardson/MTV