Werewolves Or Hunters: Whose Side Are You On?

By the time Season 1 of "Teen Wolf" had come to a close, many fans of the series had justifiably sided with the werewolves. Scott proved himself to be a do-gooder, Derek had courageously endured his family's gruesome murders and the Argents--Beacon Hills' generations-spanning werewolf hunters--were still ruthlessly out for blood. But given what we've seen since the second go-around began, is it still as easy to root for those who howl at the moon?

As Allison pointed out to Scott during lunch, the battle lines between Derek's pack and its hunters are being drawn more clearly as each day passes. Allison's grandfather is in town to bulk up the Argent clan and Derek has recruited Isaac and Erica to his side--it's only a matter of time before the back-and-forth results in warfare. And while Derek seems to be driven more and more by vengeance, Allison's dad seems more concerned with making sure his daughter can protect herself, and progressively less so with seeking out the night-dwellers (sure, Allison's grandfather completely massacred The Omega, but war is complicated, OK?!).

+ So tell us: Now that Derek, Erica and Isaac are showing their true colors as soldiers with nothing to lose, and Allison's father is trying to uphold his family's code of killing only when it's just, whose side are you on?

Whose side are you on?

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