'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is Jackson Finally Turning Into A Werewolf?

So far, everything that's happened to Jackson on Season 2 of "Teen Wolf" has left our brows furrowed. The stubborn lacrosse stud emerged from the water during the first few seconds of the premiere still wounded from the Alpha's bite, but his creepy black nose bleed from Ep 1 led Derek--the biter--to believe that Jackson's body was mysteriously resisting his poisonous venom. How? Why? ...

During tonight's episode, just when the wannabe wolf was at his wits end over the Transformation That Wasn't, his moon-induced strength suddenly took flight, enabling him to lift and move an off-road pick-up truck. Perhaps Lydia's superhuman antibodies weren't that effective after all?

+ Do you think Jackson's finally turning into the beast he's always dreamed of (don't forget, his classmate Matt said that Jackson returned the video camera damaged, so maybe something did happen the night of the full moon), or was it just a surge of adrenaline that helped him Superman the car? Take the poll and sound off!

Is Jackson turning into a werewolf?

  • I hope so!.
  • It still doesn't seem like it.

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