Farrah Returns To Derek's Grave On His 21st Birthday [Sneak Peek]

Throughout the first season of "Teen Mom," Farrah was in denial over Sophia's father's death, and it wasn't until the third season of the show that we finally saw her face the loss head-on and visit Derek's grave. The experience was incredibly painful for her, but it was an important step in her grieving process. "It was a growing-up time for me," she later commented during our "Teen Mom After Show."

And while she may never completely recover from the tragedy, Farrah has learned how to maintain a meaningful connection to Derek. In this sneak peek of Tuesday's two-part premiere (Episode 1 airs at 10/9c, followed by Episode 2 at 11/10c), the young mother returns to Derek's grave on his 21st birthday. Despite being overcome with emotion, she updates him on how much she's progressed since he passed. "I'm trying not to cry about things, because I do not want to be an unhappy person anymore," she says aloud.

Watch it here:

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