Wild Weekend At The Jersey Shore Results In Arrest And Injury [Photos]

Deena whips her hair along the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

If you were worried the "Jersey Shore" cast's transition into adulthood would amount to the housemates reading classics by candlelight, rest assured that will definitely not be the case when Season 6 premieres. Yes, Snooki's still pregnant and engaged, and Mike's still sober, but the rest of the gang just endured a weekend that saw Deena incarcerated and JWOWW bruised and bandaged.

D got cuffed by cops after tearing it up a little too much in Seaside yesterday, TMZ reported. The sauced meatball took her one-woman parade onto the street, apparently slapping cars, and ultimately got her ass handed to her by the law for disorderly conduct. Soon after, Snooki, Ronnie and JWOWW moved to bail their friend out of the local precinct, but Jenni had travel trouble, as a sprained ankle from a Friday night bar fight--in which her boyfriend, Roger, and Ron were allegedly attacked--made getting up and down the stairs a bit complicated.

+ Check out some photos of the early summer debauchery below, and NOW tell us you think this season of "Jersey Shore" will be boring.

Deena makes a new friend in her state of drunken disorientation.

Deena gets a stern talking to from a 5-0 who's unimpressed with her behavior.

Snooki, Ronnie and JWOWW do their best to get their bud out of the drunk tank.

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Photos: Mejia/Asadorian and Janet Mayer/Splash News