That's What You Said...About Diem Brown's Greatest Challenge

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Diem went public with her cancer battle during 2006's "Fresh Meat."

We're often told that life isn't fair, but the sentiment seems especially true for "Challenge" vet Diem Brown, who found out this week she's battling cancer for a second time--the same strain she struggled to beat just before appearing on "The Duel." Still, if there's a single person capable of besting the illness yet again, fans of the sweet-but-tough competitor agreed it was she: "I know God has a reason for every speed bump in life & I'm ready," Diem tweeted after getting the news from her doctor.

Unsurprisingly, fans flooded our site and others to send all the support they could, and Diem was thrilled to know she was in readers' thoughts:

Take a look at what everyone said on Remote Control and Facebook, and be sure to keep sending your best wishes to the MedGift founder.

Remote Control:

"If there's one person I know without a doubt who can beat cancer twice, it's her! Probably one of the strongest--mentally and physically--women I've ever seen. I mean, she left CT in the dust in the last finale for God's sake!" -- Kristin.M1030

"You are so strong-- I have the utmost faith that you can do this again. I just wish you didn't have to. You have many people thinking of you and fighting for you as well. Much love." -- Mindy

"You. Will. Beat. This. Period. Good luck, Diem. I was pulling for you in the "Challenge" and I am pulling for you now." -- Liz


"Prayers for you, Diem! You are one hell of a woman and can get through this again!" -- Stephanie T.

"Do what you do best and fight for yourself. You are much too young to have to deal with cancer. Best wishes." -- Kristine S.

"Diem, if you can spend a night on a glacier, eat shark meat even though you're a vegetarian and squash your issues with CT, you can beat cancer again. It's tough, and it's scary, but you can do it. You're a soldier and you can do anything." -- Katie K.

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