'Real World' Spy Cam: Brandon Might Just Get A Chance With His Dream Girl!

"Real World: St. Thomas" is right in the midst of shooting, and little do the seven roommates know that Remote Control has been granted access--for the first time EVER--to two of the most private areas of the house: the confessional and webcam. Check the blog throughout the weeks leading up to the show's summer premiere for ongoing insider info and video snippets featuring the new season's cast!

With his crush's attention once directed toward Robb, "Real World: St. Thomas"' resident punk Brandon was sure he'd never have a shot with Laura. But the tides might be a-turnin' for the guy who subsists on humble pie--Laura and Brandon are going on a date, and with "a picnic lunch and some waters" to snack on, the romance is palpable!

This quite-unlikely couple talk about the day's adventures they have planned in the Spy Cam video below, and if a wicker basket and checkerboard tablecloth don't do the trick, Brandon and Laura also have a kayak trip on the docket. Some aromatherapy candles and an acoustic love song, and the two might be headed down the aisle before home!

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