MTV Twitter Roundup: Werewolves Subsist On Flesh And...Fruit Smoothies?

Tyler Hoechlin and Daniel Sharman glance over the menu at Jamba Juice.

Hey, if they have to deal with antiquated cash registers and the old lady who uses pocket change to pay, werewolves have just as much a right to indulge in a fast-food smoothie as the rest of us. Tyler Hoechlin of "Teen Wolf" recently tweeted a shot of himself in full makeup alongside new co-star Daniel Sharman, and we will boldly predict the actor collected a disturbed gaze or two from his fellow patrons.

Elsewhere across social media, Big Jerry drew some looks of his own without apology on "The Pauly D Project" and Dan Savage got a glimpse of his former self when a "Savage U" trip to Tulane left him with a nasty hangover. And while Chanel of "Fantasy Factory" tried to steer conversation away from her boobs, it was all about the ass for "Awkward"'s Jillian Rose Reed, who had trouble deflecting cat calls in Los Angeles traffic.

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Photo courtesy of @TylerL_Hoechlin.