The Pitfalls Of Too Much Throttle, Courtesy Of ‘Ridiculousness’ [Sneak Peek]

Home videos of your first steps or words might be uncomfortable to watch, but at least they didn’t amount to broken legs. Street Bike Tommy of “Nitro Circusaccidentally overshot a foam pit on his first try at motoring over a ramp, but in the guy’s defense, he’s “not very good at stuff.” Fair enough–unfortunately, though, he’ll be the butt of Rob Dyrdek and his ridiculous jokes all the same.

Rob advises against the “Whisky Throttle” (i.e. giving a bike too much gas) in this sneak peek of Thursday night’s all-new “Ridiculousness” episode. From incidents that knock a bike’s operator backwards to those that break up a shindig in the worst way, the clip reel is all the convincing we need to follow Rob’s recommendation. Still, he and we are are a little bit glad a few people over-revved their engines.

“I just can’t get enough of someone getting mowed down at a party.” We’re with you on that one, Rob. Check out what’s to come, and tune in on Thursday night at 10/9c!

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