The Pitfalls Of Too Much Throttle, Courtesy Of 'Ridiculousness' [Sneak Peek]

Home videos of your first steps or words might be uncomfortable to watch, but at least they didn't amount to broken legs. Street Bike Tommy of "Nitro Circus" accidentally overshot a foam pit on his first try at motoring over a ramp, but in the guy's defense, he's "not very good at stuff." Fair enough--unfortunately, though, he'll be the butt of Rob Dyrdek and his ridiculous jokes all the same.

Rob advises against the "Whisky Throttle" (i.e. giving a bike too much gas) in this sneak peek of Thursday night's all-new "Ridiculousness" episode. From incidents that knock a bike's operator backwards to those that break up a shindig in the worst way, the clip reel is all the convincing we need to follow Rob's recommendation. Still, he and we are are a little bit glad a few people over-revved their engines.

"I just can't get enough of someone getting mowed down at a party." We're with you on that one, Rob. Check out what's to come, and tune in on Thursday night at 10/9c!

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