Britney Spears Freezes Pauly D Into A State Of Submission!

When internationally recognized pop icon Britney Spears sends her people to get you, you do what they say. Chances are, you might just get a lap dance out of it! At least, that's what Pauly learned during tonight's episode of "The Pauly D Project." Pretty valuable lesson, huh?

After Brit Brit announced to her concert crowd that she was looking for a "sexy volunteer" to join her on stage, the Men With Chiseled Abs led Pauly toward the wild songstress, where she handcuffed him to a pole, wrapped him in a pink boa and gave new meaning to whatever the Rhode Island DJ would have previously considered night of his life-worthy.

+ Pauly was incredibly flattered by Britney's onstage seduction, but at times he appeared too shocked to actually enjoy the moment. Were you surprised to see him so dumbfounded? Tell us what you thought of the star collaboration in the comments!

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