Jenna's Fighting Guys Off With A Stick In 'Awkward.' Season 2 [Trailer]

It was a letter that changed everything. A letter from a supposed "friend" that contained an ugly message for young Jenna Hamilton: "You could disappear and no one would notice." As any brokenhearted high-school girl might respond to such an attack, Jenna took to her blog and typed away her pain: "Sometimes being a teenager makes you want to die." A bit dramatic, perhaps, but it seemed like an innocuous action at the time. Until she almost did...die...later in the evening, and the entire world decided it was intentional. This bizarre sequence of events, even--if not especially--the "suicide" attempt, provided Jenna with a second chance at life. See Webster's "irony."

Jenna's romantic endeavors have never looked so positive, albeit confusing, in the below Season 2 trailer for "Awkward." Girl's got two guys she loves--and who love her back!--fighting (literally) for her attention. Even her guidance counselor, Val, is impressed. Then again, just as Jenna's popularity is on the rise, her family life is going to s**t--the author of the previously mentioned letter is confirmed to be her very own mother. While one could argue that Lacey's "Carefrontation" ultimately led her daughter to a happier place, it could have easily had the opposite effect, and Jenna's dad is reeling over his wife's betrayal.

Check out the trailer, and if your memory is hazy on why Jenna chose Jake over Matty on the Season 1 finale, or why Sadie Saxton's such a monstrous c-word, we've also got a Season 1 recap. You're welcome.

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