Nate Seeks Savage's Advice On Dating Closeted Gays [Sneak Peek]

During the most recent episode of "Savage U," road-tripping sex whiz Dan Savage spent some time chatting with Tulane student Carlos, a sophomore that was questioning whether or not he should stay with his girlfriend. Self-doubt was getting the best of the undergrad, but savvy Sav helped him realize that he was truly happy in his relationship and was simply trying to talk himself out of the commitment (the ol' Grass Is Greener syndrome). Next week, our resident sexpert tries to assist a guy whose love life is in a similar gray zone.

Nate says he's seeing someone that isn't completely comfortable with being gay in this sneak peek of Tuesday's episode. The dilemma isn't new to the Cornell student--he once had a secret relationship with a fellow fraternity brother--but he's not sure he wants to continue the trend. Hopefully Dan can encourage Nate to figure out why he keeps going after guys that are still questioning their sexuality.

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