Wiz Khalifa Sorts Through His 'Punk'd' A-ha! Moment [Bonus Scene]

Even after several puffs of one very special cigarette, Wiz Khalifa knew things just weren't adding up on tonight's "Punk'd." Mac Miller was sure a fake weed-related 5-0 call would have the guy shaking in his boots, but Wiz proved he was the master of the "medicating" culture, and there was no chance he was going to fall for something staged in his own realm of expertise.

The lyricist recently famous for "Payphone" describes how he knew he wasn't really in danger of incarceration in the the finale bonus scene below, and while he might still be a little under the influence, he's no dummy. As soon as his friend tried to pretend he didn't know Wiz while a non-cop interrogated him, it was all over, and the light bulb went off. "Smoke weed and pay attention!" he advises while sorting through the practical joke. Guess we'll have to consider it...?

+ Check out the video of Wiz's "a-ha!" moment, and tell us if you think the "Punk'd" gang was a little too obvious.

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