Mos Wanted Crew Exit 'ABDC' Proud [Video]

Mos Wanted Crew jumped out of the gates this season with vigor, impressing the audience and judges with their smooth "Movement Over Sound" style, energy and undeniably pretty faces. Though "ABDC" is usually the place to be big and flossy, Mos stuck to their guns and channeled their power into incredibly nuanced pieces, exercising superhuman restraint and control, all the while making their intricate moves look effortless. A megacrew of sorts, the team of choreographers (some were from SoReal Cru and Boxcuttuhz) always left the stage confidently, even during their first (and final) battle in Week 9's bottom two.

Tonight's 8-on-8 battle between Mos Wanted and Elektrolytes was truly one of the highlights of the season--it was so loaded with technique and passion that judge JC jumped in his seat. In the end, Arizona's Elektrolytes advanced and Mos Wanted accepted their fate and headed backstage sporting huge grins, knowing they made themselves, their families and their fans proud.

ABDC Insider host Layla Kayleigh Covino has their parting words. Check it out:

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Photo: Kareem Black