Help Us Solve 5 'Teen Wolf' Who-Dat Mysteries

We're only two episodes into Season 2 of "Teen Wolf" and already we're overwhelmed with the number of ambiguous transformations going down in Beacon Hills. We've been taking diligent notes (we imagine you have, as well) and need your assistance cracking a few mysteries. Here, five character story lines that have us stumped. Please help!

1. Is Lydia A Werewolf, Or What?

Aside from being a 'tudey teenager with an affinity for disrobing, we can't figure out what she's turning into. Peter Hale's bite didn't kill her, but she's certainly not acting normal. And who can forget the hospital plumbing issue she faced during Episode 1? What was that dark liquid in the drain, and how did she survive in the woods so long without clothing?

2. What The Hell Is Happening To Jackson?

The lacrosse stud emerged from the water during the first few seconds of the premiere still wounded from the Alpha's bite, but his mysterious black nose bleed--perhaps the same ink-like liquid that came out of Lydia's shower drain--has us dumbfounded. When Derek showed up in the school's restroom and saw Jackson's condition, he said his body was "resisting the bite." Then, in Episode 2, Jackson recorded himself sleeping during the full moon, certain that he'd capture footage of his shape-shifting in action, but in the morning, the tape revealed nothing! No, this certainly isn't nothing...

3. Who Was The Omega?

Yes, he was the homeless guy that Jackson tossed a dollar to on campus, but what was his deal and why was he so interested in finding a pack? Even though Mr. O was responsible for the bloody carcass in the ambulance, he claimed that he never hurt a living being. Was he just another werewolf with a strong moral compass?

4. What's The Creepy Creature?

Whatever that slithering thing was, it sure was strong. It ripped the top of Isaac's father's car off, and then tore him in half, later reappearing in Isaac's house when Allison was on the first floor alone. But when Scott broke through the wall (he asked Allison to chain him inside of the basement freezer on the full moon, but heard her scream and broke free), the monstrous reptile crawled on the ceiling and ran out the door. What. The. Eff?

5. Is Grandpa Gerard Human?

On the night of the full moon, code-abandoning Gerard was seen ingesting a handful of brightly colored pills. Sure, they could be a bunch of innocuous vitamins, but what if he, too, is a shape-shifter and has to take them in order to avoid transforming?

+ Is your imagination running just as rampant as ours? Sound off in the comments and help us find out the truth!

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