'Real World' Spy Cam: Trey Proves Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

"Real World: St. Thomas" is right in the midst of shooting, and little do the seven roommates know that Remote Control has been granted access--for the first time EVER--to two of the most private areas of the house: the confessional and webcam. Check the blog throughout the weeks leading up to the show's summer premiere for ongoing insider info and video snippets featuring the new season's cast!

He was quick to point out his crush on Laura, but it seems Trey of "Real World: St. Thomas" has a soft spot for thicker types as well. Meet "Big Shirley" in the Spy Cam clip below. She's shy, but her beauty is surely worth your effort.

While Robb sought the inspiration of a super hero for his alter-ego, Trey's second identity is a bit more...well, it's a chick. "I like candlelight suppers," Shir-Shir places a hint for all the eligible men out there. Line up, boys! It's going to be a hot summer, indeed.

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