Snooki Comes Back Down To Earth With Mom-Approved Footwear [Photos]

Those boots were (actually) made for walking.

Her lengthy locks might still scratch the "Jersey Shore" pavement, but Snooki has finally been cut down to size in the realm of footwear. The woman who once declared to her Twitter followers that she planned to give birth in sky-high spikes has been spotted, on multiple occasions, wearing FLAT SHOES.

While making her away around Seaside Heights this week, Nicole casually--and comfortably--strolled atop soles that run parallel to the ground. Some sensible boots for a shift at the Shore Store, hot-pink sneaks for a GTL session and golden flats straight out of Never Never Land have each turned heads, and passersby are surely wondering why Snooki is suddenly a fraction of her former self. This, people, is the look of a future mom. Sort of.

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Nicole leaves laundry day uncomplicated with some sensible sneaks.

The footwear might be smaller, but Snooks' penchant for shopping hasn't shrunk.

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Photos: Mejia/Asadorian and Thelonius/Splash News