How Snooki Dropped The Pregnancy Bomb On Her 'Jersey Shore' Housemates [Video]

"Vinny, it's not yours!"

That's about all the "Jersey Shore" crew can muster up when the icing on their cake reveals that Snooki's currently harboring a bun in her oven. Certainly one way to tell your second family that they're getting a new housemate.

A simple addition of the months since Nicole and Vinny last smushed--Season 4, Italy--is assurance enough that he's not the father, but that doesn't erase the fact their Snooki--the girl that pees herself in public on a frequent basis and parties til 6 a.m. with her koo-kah in full view--has just announced that she and Jionni are expecting. Cheers?

Check out the new promo below (more of 'em here!) of MTV's "Snooki & JWOWW" series, which premieres June 21 at 10/9c, for a sugary, sweet taste of the rather surreal culinary fun to come. (Will the after-dinner mints spell out that she's engaged, too?)

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