'Savage U' Poll: Have You Ever Experienced 'Grass Is Greener' Syndrome?

While many of the people that Dan Savage met during tonight's episode of "Savage U" had strong ties to Tulane's hook-up hot spot, The Boot (which is where they rallied at Boot 'O Clock, obvs), not every member of the student body was interested in having just a casual fling. Or were they?

Carlos, a sophomore that was questioning whether or not he should stay in his relationship, reached out to the savvy sexpert for guidance. It wasn't that Carlos was dissatisfied with his girlfriend; rather, there was a voice inside his head that kept telling him to play the field instead of being tied down. Curious about the trigger behind Carlos' self-doubt, Sir Savage served up two very serious questions ("Are you happy to be with her?" and "Are you content?"). When Carlos answered with a huge smile, the answer was clear.

+ Dan helped Carlos realize that he wanted to remain in his relationship but was just talking himself out of it. Have you ever experienced a similar case of of 'The Grass Is Greener'? Take the poll and weigh in.

Have you ever experienced the 'Grass Is Greener?'

  • Absolutely.
  • Not really.

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