'ABDC' Finalists To Help Support Cancer Awareness

You've got to first learn to walk before you can dance your ass off, and our "America's Best Dance Crew" finalists will take a second to slow it down this Saturday, June 9, by participating in a special event to support cancer research and awareness. The top two teams (you'll find out which tomorrow!) will come together at Griffith Park in Los Angeles for the worldwide "Relay for Life" in an effort to spread hope for those coping with the terminal illness.

The to-be-determined crews will help The American Cancer Society kick off the public festivities, which center around a volunteer walk, jog or run around a track throughout the day. The dancers will meet with participants, handing them water, offering basic dance lessons and even performing! Most importantly, they'll be on-hand for the ceremonial survivors' lap, which honors those who have beaten cancer. And whether Flavah Angel, who lost her mother to the disease earlier this year, makes the finale or not, the finalists will certainly have the young dancer on their minds when the day comes.

And who knows? Maybe some of the other Season 7 crews will show up as well...

Check out Relay For Life's website for information on the event and how to get involved.

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Photo: Frank Micelotta