'Savage U' Sex Tip: Make All The Animal Sounds You'd Like [Bonus Scene]

Whether you're a proud prude or tend to wander a little farther toward the wild side, human beings are all ultimately just sex-crazed animals on the prowl, says Dan Savage, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. So find your voice, speak up and hop to it!

Sensei Savage responds to a Tulane student who's worried she's too loud during sex in the "Savage U" bonus scene below, and not only does Dan soothe her fears, he encourages her to summon her inner-jungle creature while gettin' down. "You are an animal!" he says. "The reason we talk about females being screamers...is because female vocalization trips these wires...in the male reptile brain that speeds him along." So tenors, altos and sopranos alike: Let it out!

And the same goes for females aiming to "fake it." Dan says: "If you just sound like you're having an orgasm--however unconvincing you think you're being--he'll be probably OK with that." And there you have it--be loud across the board, particularly if you're behind in comparative politics and need to get back to the books ASAP.

+ Check out Dan's infinite, intimate wisdom, and tell us if you're feeling a little more liberated!

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